Shaping the conversation

Today, every school, academy, sixth form and college is interested in promotion. They need to be...

Shaping the conversation

...The advance in technology means that the public conversation about education is just that – public. Its everywhere and just about everyone is involved in it...

Shaping the conversation

...So every school has to be a part of this conversation. They have to talk about themselves and promote themselves – its what people expect...

Shaping the conversation

...Every school has an image, whether they like it or not. So its better to be involved in the conversation and help to shape it.


Marketing for Schools

Headteachers will have a clear idea about what should be in their prospectus, though often they need our help to bring all their objectives together. But we can’t get to know a school just by talking with the head. So we spend time with staff, pupils, parents and governors. We listen to the people who will be sending out the prospectus, and the people who will be receiving it.

Understanding Quality

Quality prospectuses and website

Because we are now bombarded by marketing from every direction, we’ve become very choosy about what we’ll take any notice of. A boring looking prospectus won’t get a second glance. A clunky website won’t get much traffic. A photo of a school activity that’s clearly been ‘staged’ will fool no one.

Print and Production

Creative photography and design

The print production process is creative, but also fiendishly technical. So we build relationships with reliable printers and suppliers who can handle all the changes, scheduling and deadlines we can throw at them. We oversee everything, working with the entire production team to make sure we give our clients exactly what they need.

Our photos, websites and

prospectuses always focus

on spirit and character

School websites College prospectuses
“From our first meeting with MMA Education we knew that we wanted to work with them. Their insight into what we stand for, along with their creativity, ensured that we were given a superb product.”

Jon Locke - Headteacher
The Leventhorpe School